I’m Brad, an industrial chemist, turned soap engineer, turned brewer, turned teacher, turned high school principal, turned stay-at-home dad who wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My rail design obsession started when my children re-kindled my boyhood fascination with watching trains.  Trackside train hunting trips often included two adopted greyhounds, and my wife, who politely put up with it all.  Like any enthusiast, I wanted to get a few shirts and show some railroad pride.

But the shirts looked childish.

I figured - like you - it's probably good to not look childish.

Thus, Ringaboy was born, on the idea that there has to be a better way to convey enthusiasm for something while looking halfway decent doing it.  But what does better look like?
  • Let’s start with both premium & standard blank shirts made by some of the best in the business
  • Let’s rethink rail art design - built from scratch, tasteful, sometimes abstract, but always true to the spirit of rail legacy
  • Let's use the softest inks possible so the shirt & print feel like they were made for each other
  • Let’s have real people in the United States printing & inspecting each rail tee before it ships to you

In other words, let's not compromise and find out how high is up.

When you shop with Ringaboy, you’re interacting with people you can talk to, people who want to hear your ideas, people who want to make things the best they can be.

Thanks for choosing us.